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Notes/recap from August 31

1 Sep

I notice that people didn’t take many notes during class yesterday.  Anyone who wants to take notes, collaborate and compile them, and post them on Thursday can do so for credit (see longer post on garden tasks). Things that you should have picked up on Tuesday include:

–what ‘organic’ is, in terms of gardening

–the names of all the tools and how to take care of them, so you can refer to them properly,  recognize them, and know what each one is for (thanks to Ben & Sabrina for labeling them!))

–what Southern California soil is like, and how this affects the way you prepare it, have to deal with it when planting

–why composting is important, and how adding compost helps your growing soil

–how to read the 3 numbers on the fertilizer box, what the proportions mean, why we chose the 7-4-5 one

–how to decide the amount of fertilizer you need

–how to space the seeds, how deep to plant them (more on Thursday…)

–where to start tilling the soil and why

Words: these are important to be able to describe what you are doing in a precise way.

nouns: beds; amendments; seeds, seedlings and “shoulders” of plants; flat rake; mattock; hand trowel; pruning shears/clippers; hand cultivator; spade fork

verbs: sow, till, thin, harvest

…feel free to add more in the comments.