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Food Truck-o Taco

29 May

Living in Los Angeles most of my life, I’ve seen my own share of food trucks growing up and I have seen the evolution of food trucks growing. Tonight I ended up going to a typical Mexican food truck down near Vernon and Normandy for dinner with my mother. My mom loves tacos, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to blog about my food truck experience and spend time with my mother. When we got there, we saw the menu in between the two open windows, where one window you order and the other you get your food, and I ended up getting two tacos Al Pastor and two Asadas and my mom got the same thing but with “Chile” on the side (a spicy side dish for your tacos). The drinks were available right on the bottom with ice covering them and I got water while my mother got a soda and we paid for them at the first window. The atmosphere of the truck was somewhat and the neighborhood surrounding it was a bit dingy. The taco truck was white with neon lights laminating the menu and the area surrounding it. Despite the surroundings, the staff attending us was very friendly and they attended us with smiles. Our wait time for the food was around 5 minutes and we got our food at the second window. The food was overall ok, not the best tacos I have eaten. The truck experience itself was not that out of the ordinary experience of any food truck I have been to, since I ended up going to a more traditional version of a food truck that is more aimed to working people in the Latino community. Despite this being a typical experience, it was still worth the try on our experimentation on trying out a new food truck with my mother.

Authentic as you can get

29 May

Once again, I went to dinner with my mom and yes it was taco again like it was Taco Tuesday, but this time not from a truck. My mother and I went to King Taco near Hoover and Pico. Growing up in Los Angeles, King Taco used to a hole in the wall type of place within the Latino community of Los Angeles, and as I kid, I remember going there and it would be packed with Latinos of different origins. Nowadays, King Taco has been discovered and is now renowned all over the city and you are able to find people of all races coming to eat delicious tacos at King Taco. Why, out of all taco restaurants in Los Angeles, has King Taco gained popularity within the last few years? According to food articles that talk about King Taco, it is because of its authenticity that gained mass public attention. In many ways, I think, King Taco is authentic. One example of its authenticity are the carne asada tacos (as shown in the picture). The beef is cooked over a grill, given a few spices and sauces, and you taste tacos that give taste buds euphoria. The carne asada tacos have a hint of lime, the meat has a very nice juicy well cooked texture and the tortillas have some form of flavor as well. I guess the main thing about King Taco, atleast in my opinion, that the tacos are made uniquely with its distinct flavor that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Sure, there are other taco places that offer similar food and similar taste that may come close to King Taco, but, as far as I know, King Taco is the best out there that I have had and would consider the most authentic that Los Angeles has to offer.