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Garden Update 11/20

23 Nov


Left side of the bed

Right side of the bed

Mustard Greens

Left side of the bed

Pardon the delay but I misplaced my camera this weekend and was just able to find it. Here are photos of one of the last visits before our mega harvest today. The bed looked great on Saturday. Weeds were sparse and a lot of what we grew looked ready to be harvested. Some of the leaves had holes in them, potentially from bugs or critters. The soil wasn’t too dry and the weather was ideal. The pumpkin grew quite large! All was well at the time of the last visit.

Garden Update 11/17

18 Nov

Happy to report the garden looks great. It hasn’t been very hot lately so the soil wasn’t too dry. There do not seem to be very many weeds around and each of the greens we planted seem to be growing comfortably. There’s been a good amount of growth since my last visit and it’s clear that a lot has been harvested.

Garden visit- 11/4/10

4 Nov



New friend that kept me company during my garden visit

Left half of the garden bed

Looking good...

Mustard greens

watering the plants…

water shower!


Visited the garden this afternoon– and it looked great! I was expecting the bed to be extremely dry but this was fortunately not the case despite this weeks EXTREME heat. The bed, however, was not completely moist so I watered it more to ensure that our plants would be nourished for the rest of the hot afternoon. There were some weeds around which I removed to ensure that all the greens had enough room, but it seems we did a good job spacing them when we transplanted last couple of times in the garden. The mustard greens looked AMAZING– thanks to our group. There seemed to be no bug infestations and all the plants looked perfectly healthy– so far, so good! Tomorrow is going to be even hotter so I hope the plants are watered… The gate was locked again– is it ever actually unlocked during the day?

State of the Garden 2010.09.06

9 Sep

I believe this picture sums it all up:

Watering the Garden

The plants loved it

4:30pm Monday afternoon the moisture in the ground had all but evaporated.  I watered each plant, filling the moat slowly up to the top and then letting the ground absorb the water.  The plants were watered enough with the assumption that it would be hot and sunny the following day.

However Tuesday morning came with cloudy weather, and most of the moisture from the watering remained in place.  It follows to keep weather forecasts in mind as the garden is being watered, though it hardly ever rains here.

FAQ: where is the garden?

22 Aug

Shrine Garden / USC Community Garden

The garden is located at 3015 Shrine Place, 90007.  The easiest way to get there from campus is to cross Jefferson, pass the Shrine Auditorium. That puts you on 32nd Street. Jog to the R, and turn L at the first street–that is Shrine Place. The garden is about 5 minutes from Hoover and Jefferson. You can park your bike inside, if you ride, but parking is quite difficult, so it’s best not to drive.