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LACMA performance by Machine Project

3 Nov

Machine is well known for its combination of tech, education-as-whimsy and public access. This time they are doing an Electric Melon Drum Circle. See below:

…on Sunday, November 7th from 12-4pm, Machine will be at LACMA with the Fallen Fruit Collective for Let Them EAT LACMA. Over fifty artists will use food as a topic for interventions, performances and installations. We’ll be there with an electric melon soldering workshop, where you can learn to solder a contact microphone, install it in a melon, use your new electric melon in a drum circle, then eat it when you’re done.

Workshop is drop-in while supplies last, no advanced registration required. Drum circle or previous electric melon experience also not required. All participants will receive free soldering materials and one small melon, but we have limited quantities so get there early!



Today’s visiting artist–Ari Kletsky

23 Sep

A traffic island repurposed for public enjoyment.

Ari is going to come talk to us today about his project “The Islands of LA,” an overlooked and under-known bunch of spaces, one that may be lingering under your very eyes, maybe at this very moment. Here is a short description from his website:

Everywhere there are islands hidden in plain view. Surrounded by road, archives of the in-between, traffic islands are a vehicle to investigate and interact with an urban landscape marked by transportation and neighborhood, public and private, urban and nature. Many are picturesque panoramas or concrete slabs of conceptual art to be appreciated from the car or sidewalk, while countless other ones are gems of publicly owned space. These are islands where you can enjoy a picnic, spend an afternoon painting, protest, serenade a lover at midnight, raise money, hold a small event or otherwise share your thoughts with the bustle of undifferentiated humanity humming along the way.

Have a look around the website, and ask lots of questions!