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Bentō and the new school year

21 May

An interesting story in the Japan Times about starting the new year at school in Tōhoku, disrupted by the earthquake/tsunami/radiation, but plugging on with the everyday creative acts of life.

As kids enjoy their first few days of school in Japan, moms — and sometimes dads, too — beef up their culinary skills to give their kids a little bit of bento-boxed love

Children at Shin Yoshida Kindergarten give thanks before saying the Japanese phrase "itadakimasu!" and tucking into their bento, which are packed with foods (as pictured below) lovingly prepared by their parents. MAKIKO ITOH. Source: Japan Times

“Despite the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami in the northeastern part of Honshu, in most of Japan, life has to go on as usual.

News photo
A bento is a packed lunch, usually arranged in a special box and including various small dishes and rice.

April marks the start of the new school year, which means that parents all over the country are cranking up their morning lunch-making routines. In Japan a packed lunch is always called a “bento” (literally meaning “box”) or “obento” to be more polite, whether it’s stored in the quintessential lunchbox or not.”

More Bento Box Goodness!

15 Nov

So, I was just wasting time browsing the internet as usual, and I stumbled upon some really cool bento boxes and things. I feel a sort of jealousy towards the children who receive these types of things for lunch. Imagine how cool you’d be in an American elementary school with lunches that looked like this?! Forget lame sandwiches =P


Anyway, there is a really cool Bento Box gallery here: More Food!

Weezer Green Album Bento

11 Nov

Loving this bento series on album covers:

Weezer – Green Album: Cabbage, nori, ham, kamaboko, paprika, rice.

Weezer Bento
The rest can be seen here.