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For Thursday: Modern Times and Chaplin

2 Nov

There are a lot of good clips available on YouTube of Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin’s classic (tragi?)comedy about the mechanization of work, and everything else. We might see Giants and Toys as a remake, only it uses “images,” rather than mechanics, and a corporation, rather than a factory. Here is a clip where Charlie is a guinea pig for a new “eating machine,” but there are lots of others. Goof around a bit on YouTube, and see what you see of Chaplin’s aesthetic; I think it will seem familiar when you watch Masamura.

A bit of reading before Tuesday’s talks–Michael Pollan

18 Oct

So, the organizer of Tuesday’s event told me that the basic theme of the 2 talks is the “industrial food structure.” It’s part of a series of talks on various kinds of infrastructure. Here is a chapter of Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, on industrial feedlots & ranching.It will give you a frame, or 3 frames, really, to customize it for OUR class and the questions we have been pursuing–

1) what industrial farming is, and how industrial ranching is part of that package;

2) how American his example is (or occasionally global), which may prompt you to reflect on what you have learned about Japanese contexts;

3) how our practice of local gardening differs in significant ways (magnitude, labor and skills, nutrition, variability, sustainability, social life, etc.) from this Hulk of an industrial model.