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Garden Update 11/13

15 Nov

After harvesting, I saw many places that plants were used to be. I could do good watering and take some pictures.
All plants seemed healthy and fresh!

My Puppy’s Emergency Food, Garlic Bread

9 Nov

I still remembered vividly that I met my owner at first when I was brought by her uncle. Eight-year-old girl was smiling at me by hugging me. I felt excited to hang out with my kind owner and stay in a comfortable house. She always combed my hair after I was taking a shower, and introduced me to her friends. She brought me to a vet as well when I got a heavy cold. One day, she bought a book named ‘how to feed your puppy’, which is written by Jungwoo Lee. I overheard her mother and her conversation, and found that the author wrote that two-month-old puppy should be fed approximately 1 to 2 1/4 cup. Eventually, she decided to give me 1 cup every meal. However, it was not enough for me! I needed more food! According to my neighborhood poppy named Colly, his owner always gave him 3 cups every meal. He was not even bigger than me and same age like me. I was very upset why my owner and her mother followed silly instructions from a useless book, and started giving me a small amount of food.

Thus, I began planning a risky venture! I found that my owner loved to have garlic bread and her mother usually bought some bread for her every day. One day, my owner’s family was eating outside at night. I thought it was a great chance to me. I jumped a shelf to catch garlic bread packages several times, and finally I attained them. I was hiding my precious garlic bread underneath her bed, and then I pretended nothing happened at that night. Fortunately, my owner passed by not noticing anything, and I could keep my garlic bread. After this happening, whenever my owner gave me a small amount of food, I acted like a happy stupid puppy, and finished assigned meals without any complaints because I had garlic bread.

Garden Update 11/01

2 Nov


Our garden looks attractive as well as extremely lush and green!!! 🙂
I admire the fact that I can see the vegetables growing tall and ripe. In effort to cause the soil to regain moisture, I watered the roots of the plants in hopes of creating a more abundant graden.

Ghost Bodyguard during Winter Solstice, Dongji Patjuk

19 Oct

Patjuk is red bean soup and is cooked during winter solstice (Dongji in Korean) when the length of daylight is at its shortest and nighttime at its longest. Traditionally, Patjuk has been prepared to prevent bad luck and shared with neighbors on the Korean traditional holiday (Dongjinal) on December 22. Korean people usually eat Donji Patjuk with Saealsim, which looks like a small bird’s ball, which is made of sticky flour.

According to Chinese mythological stories handed down, once upon a time, there was a man called Gong Gong. He had a spoiled son who had a cruel temper. After his son died, he became a ghost of epidemic disease and many people died due to the epidemic disease. While Gong Gong tried to figure out how to prevent the disease, he remembered that while his son was alive, his son hated ‘red bean soup’. He made Patjuk and shared with his neighborhood. Because of this myth, Korean people have made Patjuk as well as scattered it in the kitchen, yard, gate, and storage to drive ghosts away. In old Korean tradition, the red color represents a positive energy, which can ward off bad luck, epidemic disease, and evil spirits. The story behind the custom of Patjuk is believed to be a mythical food that drives evil spirits away; however, here it’s a logical ancient’s wisdom. Red beans are good for warming and replenishing the human body. Red Bean contains an abundant amount of vitamin B1 of all grains.

Patjuk is made of simple ingredients which includes a cup of red beans that are soaked overnight in water, 2/3 cup sugar, 1/2 cup sweet/glutinous rice power, and 4-5 tablespoons of warm water. First, wash red beans thoroughly in cold water then soak the red beans in water for 2 to 3 hours. Then, drain the beans by keeping the water as well as discarding the left over skin, and add 3 cups of water. While boiling until they begin to soften, add sugar and a pinch of salt, and put the glutinous rice power. Stir altogether and leave red beans until they all become soft. For Saearshim, take the 2 cups of glutinous rice flour and make small round pieces approximately 1.5~2cm in size by using hot water and salt and circling them in one’s palms. Put the rice balls in boiling salt water for 5 to 6 minutes until the small pieces float to the surface. At the end, mix up the red bean soup and rice balls (Saearshim) together and serve it warm. Overall, Patjuk is a traditional dish served during the winter days that not only expels evil spirits, but also warms the souls of the neighbors with a healthy and hearty bowl of red bean soup.

Garden Update Oct.4th

5 Oct

Hello, guys! The garden is great! Everything grows bigger and beds look good too.

Sunlight Spot

29 Sep

The 1st picture: Sep 7th, at 9am

The 2nd picture: Sep 7th, at noon.

I checked where the sun is at 9am and 12pm and what part of the bed is sunny on September 7th and 23th. Our garden is located on the North West side, so the sunlight moves from right to left. I took the first picture at 9am and the second one at 12pm. The sunlight at 12pm is much more brighter and stronger than 9am, and also it directly shines on the center of the garden. In my opinion, we’d better plant vegetables in the shines part as well as transport them next time  rather than shades.

Pictures on Garden Day!

29 Sep