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Garden update Nov 22

1 Dec

In midst of the Thanksgiving festivities later in the week i had forgotten to write my blog entry. The thoughts of all the foods i would be devouring on that Thursday used up any of my brain power, but now that I am finally out of my food coma I can think clearly now.


Overall the garden, or what was left of it, looked great. I know the next day the rest of the plot was harvested so I assume I was one of the last people to see the plot at its (almost)fullest. I did however notice that the pumpkin did create a fruit, and that i suppose it wasn’t a waste after all.


Here are some of the photos i took.

Garden Weekend Update

29 Nov

Between the rain and watering, the garden received plenty of water  this weekend. Things seem largely exactly how we left them before taking Thanksgiving break. The recently planted/transplanted micro-greens look to still be alive, and the rest of the plants show little change. It appears that the wind was pretty rough on the DPS house, knocking off some hefty palm branches into the yard and blowing that odd Triscuit sign onto our neighboring garden. Our plot seemed unaffected, thankfully.

Garden Update 11/25

26 Nov

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving yesterday! I went to the garden yesterday and it looked in pretty good shape after our harvesting/clean up efforts on Tuesday. The soil was fairly damp, so I watered lightly. The tomato plants we tied up and cleared of dead material, looked healthy and the pumpkin, which “showed signs of life”, according to Professor also looked to be in good condition. The other plants, radishes, mustard greens, etc are much less abundant after we harvested a lot of them on Tuesday, but in the next week or so, I think what is left should be ready to eat. The garden looks good overall, and I’m really impressed with what we were able to do with our plot of land in just one semester!

Garden Update 11/23

24 Nov

The garden looked good today, the soil was fairly damp from the moisture in the air because of the cold. I lightly watered the garden, but didn’t soak the soil because the class was meeting soon after to harvest. The plants look really ready to harvest. The mustard greens seem to be the most abundant plant along with the radishes. There is also a yellow, full-size, pumpkin ready to harvest. I noticed a bale of hay sitting near the garden and assume that we will be laying down more hay in the garden today in class. Overall the garden looks in good shape and we should have a lot of work to do today in class in terms of harvesting!

Garden Update: November 21

22 Nov

It was raining pretty hard earlier in the morning around 7 AM, so when I went to check on the garden, it was already decently soaked and moist. The garden is still looking good, although there are now many more holes in leaves than last time I had seen the garden. The radishes have been quite obviously harvested, as there is now a large gap of soil in the area where my group’s radishes had once over-populated.


Harvested Radish Patch



Pumpkin plant is really taking over the garden.

Lots of holes in leaves.

Garden Update, Nov. 16

16 Nov

Garden looks good.  It was fairly cool and the entire garden was in shade while I was there.

I also watered the compost.  Unlike past watering visits, no huge flies buzzed out when I lifted the lid.  I take that as a good sign?

The hose had a funny kink in it.  When I rolled up the hose, that kink didn’t want to unfold itself easily.

Garden Update 11-15

15 Nov

Hello everyone,

The garden looks to be doing well. It seems like alot has been harvested since there are many empty spaces in between alot of the diffrent plots. However, everything still looks to be growing. Im sure the mustard greens are ready to be harvested. some of the daikon are ready to be harvested too. On the other hand i saw that the pumpkin had produced something, but i still think the space should be better used for other things. And its also seems to be blocking some of our other plants which could be stunting their growth.

But overall the graden looks great. See everyone tomorrow!

leafy mustard greens

pumpkin the growing daikon


almost empty plot from harvesting

Garden Update 11/12

14 Nov

I’m always amazed by how well our garden is doing when I visit. This time with the new hose nozzle I was able to get a good watering in and take some pictures. The garden is clearly in need of some mass harvesting and even the transplants seem ready. The micro-greens I helped plant last time have sprouted, but I don’t think it’s been enough time to harvest them yet, despite the “micro” name.

Garden Update – 11/10

11 Nov

Today was quite chilly. The garden, however, seems to be looking better than ever. The color of the plants looks fantastic, and the soil remained moist. Bok choy looks amazing, as well as everything else! I managed to hold up a few leaves to snap some cool pictures of our stuff! Things are looking better than ever. Perhaps this cool weather has been really good.

Garden Update 11/09

11 Nov

The garden looks great! All the plants are green and the soil was still a little moist from the previous watering (probably due to the cool temperatures this week). The bok choy is growing quite large and its leaves are ready for harvesting. There is also an area of new sprouts, which seem to be growing well.