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Watering–guidelines and September schedule

3 Sep

I am posting the schedule of waterers, with a few guidelines about watering. It’s really important that the plants get enough water. Also, if anything seems awry, that you let me know.

Basic steps: get hose, attach hose, water with hose; water anything you can’t reach w/the hose w/a jug. Disconnect hose, roll up, and put back. Do your writeup and post. Voilà.

hose: the hose is coiled up, with the nozzle on, by the side of the house, between the plot and the faucet. please return it there–it’s kept out of sight, but accessible. it MAY not reach the far end of the plot, in which case you’ll want to use the water jug to get the last plant or 2. (that’s another reason why the hose is off the faucet.) I left the nozzle on “shower,” I think. you can experiment, but the goal is to basically approximate rain, and especially not to batter the plants with high-pressure intensity.

plants: water all the plants, including the sunflowers and (remaining) pumpkins, not just the ones we planted. plants still need water, even if they pre-existed us…

amount of water: when you turn the hose on, do it just partway. It seems like the faucet is a bit wonky, and will spray. I’ll try to get someone to fix it. But if it gets worse, let me know…Water until the soil is saturated and good and wet up the first joint of your knuckle (just like a rice cooker…coincidence?). It may be more effective to water each plant a little several times, in a circuit, rather than waiting for the water to sink in, and watering more.


4  Rachel

5  Luke

6  Andrew

7  David

8  Catherine

9  Bradley

10  DJ

11  Rachel

12  Luke

13  Jake

14  David

15  Catherine

16  Sam

17  DJ

18  Rachel

19  Sabrina

20  Jake

21  David

22 Wyatt

23  Bradley

24  DJ

25  Jeremy

26  Sabrina

27  Jake

28  Duke

29  Wyatt

30  Bradley