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At least I tried

3 Sep

To start this story, I would like to make it clear that I possess very little cooking expertise. The extent of my cooking ability is arguably non-existent. Boiling water and making grilled cheese is where I draw the line. However, my lack of skill does not interfere with my ability to love The Food Network. I was watching a show with a pretty Italian lady and she was making some sort of pasta salad that piqued my interests. I got inspired to make the one I saw on TV and set off to the grocery store. I had also decided at some point that I was too smart for her recipe and that I was just going to put whatever I wanted in to the salad. I took her basic idea of a light pasta salad and ran with it. Needless to say it did not turn out well.

I am one of those people who will eat nearly anything. I will even eat food mixed with other foods, like the Luther Burger or deep-fried Oreos. Sadly, what I created was hardly edible. Though it should be noted that I ate it anyway. I figured that because I liked both smoked Gouda and raspberry vinaigrette that they would work in a salad together. I vaguely remember adding sliced tomatoes and something from the nut family. This just goes to show that some delicious foods just are not meant to be mixed with one another.

On the positive side, making it was actually a lot of fun. I liked picking out the ingredients and the whole process is really creative. It is interesting to see how everything turns out. Cooking is much like a science project that you get to eat at the end. The best part is that even if you are bad, someone will probably eat it!