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Garden update Nov 22

1 Dec

In midst of the Thanksgiving festivities later in the week i had forgotten to write my blog entry. The thoughts of all the foods i would be devouring on that Thursday used up any of my brain power, but now that I am finally out of my food coma I can think clearly now.


Overall the garden, or what was left of it, looked great. I know the next day the rest of the plot was harvested so I assume I was one of the last people to see the plot at its (almost)fullest. I did however notice that the pumpkin did create a fruit, and that i suppose it wasn’t a waste after all.


Here are some of the photos i took.

Garden Update 11-15

15 Nov

Hello everyone,

The garden looks to be doing well. It seems like alot has been harvested since there are many empty spaces in between alot of the diffrent plots. However, everything still looks to be growing. Im sure the mustard greens are ready to be harvested. some of the daikon are ready to be harvested too. On the other hand i saw that the pumpkin had produced something, but i still think the space should be better used for other things. And its also seems to be blocking some of our other plants which could be stunting their growth.

But overall the graden looks great. See everyone tomorrow!

leafy mustard greens

pumpkin the growing daikon


almost empty plot from harvesting

Garden Update November 8th

9 Nov

So i must apologize in advance because my camera on my phone suddenly wanted to stop working on me today so I have no photos to share (curse these Verizon phones). Anyways, everything looked great today. I didn’t know it rained in the morning, but when i arrived to the garden it was apparent in how moist the soil still was. Thus I watered accordingly. The mustard greens were leafy, the radishes were looking chunky, and the daikon looked like it was exploding from the ground. However despite all the good, I believe it is the pumpkins time to go. It has wildly taken over the entire plot and has started to stunt the growth of many of the the produce. The tomatoes also seem to be growing wildly, yet they haven’t been producing much and i think their space could be better used. Also another sad thing is that the leafs on all the plants seen to be the favorite food of many of the insects. Some of them were completely destroyed but i couldn’t find any bugs on the underside of the leafs. I don’t know what we can do but we have to somehow find a way to protect out plants from being eaten by our not so friendly inhabitants. Overall the garden was looking great and looked ready to be harvested again. So whoever wants some fresh greens go to the garden and pick them up before the bugs get to them.


Over Due Garden Pictures from 10/26

3 Nov

I thought i posted these a while back, but i guess there was a error in posting. But anyways, here they are.


that is only about 20% of the photos i have but i don’t think anyone would want to look through like 40 photos.

i hope you enjoyed them.

Normal but Supernatural

28 Sep

Something that is magical is something that cannot be described with realistic logic. It is something that is supernatural, or can’t be described by normal human beings. In Tanazaki’s “Gourmet Club”, Tanazaki gives magic a whole different meaning. As we are introduced to the character Count G, discovers a Chinese “gourmet club” which was something he had never tasted before. Count G’s takes on food magic is the flavors of food that take over ones body as a whole.

My experience I believe is something truly magical no matter how many times that it occurs. I salivate just sitting here thinking about it. The sound of fries sizzling in the fryer and the sound of burgers on the grill. The smell of onions crackling on the grill. The red and white stripes and the view of palm trees. I walk up to the cashier  and order my Number 2 animal style with animal style fries and a Neapolitan shake.  Of course I am talking about the great burger joint, In-N-Out. I sit and wait for my number to be called and when it is I go into straight ecstasy. The touch of the warm bun on my hand. The crisp taste of lettuce and tomato. The sweet but salty taste of the grilled unions. The succulent delicacy of the secret sauce. It sets me in a world wind of magic. The taste of cheese and sauce on the fries. And the magical combination of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. It is always truly magical.

Art, Skill, or Both?

16 Sep

Some people would call someone who makes food that’s good for you a chef. Others call someone who makes good looking food an artist. But in today’s world of farming, have these two categories collided? Where is the difference? Now in today’s world with a population that’s exponentially growing, farmers are being forced to use all kinds of unnatural additives and preservatives too create food and keep it fresh.  And with organic produce being so expensive these days, I don’t blame society for not following as closely as they should. With this being so, Fukuoka Masanobu, philosopher of nature faming is rolling over in his grave as we speak.

Fukuoka was a strong believer in traditions.  Every culture has its traditional dishes. But it seems that all people care about today is how well you can transform those traditions into something new and hip. Lets take Iron Chef America for example. This show was created for foodies. Once a Japanese show, the Food Network decided to create their own version. This show essentially, is a competition to see which chef can create their traditional dishes, with the best twist, or something added. For the average foodie, this is a dream come true. You get to see how the food is made and what it probably tastes like.  Fukuoka would hate this show. You have French chefs trying to mix Korean into their meals. You have Italian chefs trying to mix Indian into their meals. It’s not a competition to see who can make the best food, but rather who can the make most interesting and good tasting combination.

I believe that its sad that in today’s society and culture, a traditional dish is boring. It shouldn’t be about where the dish could go, but rather where the dish is from.

Super intense jalapeno poppers

6 Sep

As  I write this post I think about the intense heat that had taken over my mouth and my throat can still feel the burn. The idea is simple. Take a jalapeno, a little pepper full of spice, wrap it in something flavorful like bacon, and then fill it will some creamy smooth cream cheese. Of course first you chop the top off the jalapeno, take out all the seeds so you don’t die from those little fireballs of death, and then wrap it in the bacon and cook it. It should be the perfect balance of pepper and silky smoothness which cancels out any heat and just leaves intense flavor. However, I like to venture out and try new things. Instead of just sticking to a normal jalapeno popper. Instead i did one of the unthinkable. I created a super popper which almost put a flame to my mouth.

At first i thought it would be a good idea. Who would have known that it would have been so painful. After I cleaned out the jalapeno I poured some hot sauce and red chili flakes in, wrapped it in bacon, then filled it with cream cheese. I thought it was a great idea to give the dish a little extra kick. Little did I know that it would burn that bad. My lips felt like they were on fire and that nothing would be able to put it out, not even the cheese. Then after swallowing the bite I took, I realized that my venture onto the adventurous side of cooking was a mistake and that I was in trouble. Because, boy did that pepper burn. It felt like I had swallowed a fire stick and it was stuck in my throat with its flame on high. However once that heat died down, and that internal flame on my mouth went out, the dish didn’t taste half bad. I was actually very good. So I just dealt with the heat the rest of the night, and continued to eat the rest of my super intense jalapeno poppers