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Super intense jalapeno poppers

6 Sep

As  I write this post I think about the intense heat that had taken over my mouth and my throat can still feel the burn. The idea is simple. Take a jalapeno, a little pepper full of spice, wrap it in something flavorful like bacon, and then fill it will some creamy smooth cream cheese. Of course first you chop the top off the jalapeno, take out all the seeds so you don’t die from those little fireballs of death, and then wrap it in the bacon and cook it. It should be the perfect balance of pepper and silky smoothness which cancels out any heat and just leaves intense flavor. However, I like to venture out and try new things. Instead of just sticking to a normal jalapeno popper. Instead i did one of the unthinkable. I created a super popper which almost put a flame to my mouth.

At first i thought it would be a good idea. Who would have known that it would have been so painful. After I cleaned out the jalapeno I poured some hot sauce and red chili flakes in, wrapped it in bacon, then filled it with cream cheese. I thought it was a great idea to give the dish a little extra kick. Little did I know that it would burn that bad. My lips felt like they were on fire and that nothing would be able to put it out, not even the cheese. Then after swallowing the bite I took, I realized that my venture onto the adventurous side of cooking was a mistake and that I was in trouble. Because, boy did that pepper burn. It felt like I had swallowed a fire stick and it was stuck in my throat with its flame on high. However once that heat died down, and that internal flame on my mouth went out, the dish didn’t taste half bad. I was actually very good. So I just dealt with the heat the rest of the night, and continued to eat the rest of my super intense jalapeno poppers