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Desserts in Mono

9 Nov

At some point in history, a man stared upon a scoop of ice cream, his brow furrowed and glistening with the sweat of deep concentration, a hand stroking his probably double or triple chin, and thought, “This simply is not deep fried enough.” It was in this Promethean moment that the idea of fried ice cream was born. Bless that man.

I had perhaps in passing heard of fried ice cream while growing up, but never had an opportunity to try it, or even see it. It was something ethereal, a whisper off sweet-toothed mouths. “How can you even fry ice cream,” I would wonder in disbelief. “I mean, it seriously must just melt.” My friend Alex assured me that it was both possible and delicious. Believe that when he asked me to go on vacation with him one summer that whether he knew it or not, fried ice cream was set for the menu.

Before we had any opportunity to eat at non-rest stop restaurants the trip had established itself as bizarre. We were driven down to Virginia by Alex’s mother and her then boyfriend, One-Eyed Bill. Of course, no one called him One-Eyed Bill to his face, but a man with a glass eye wasn’t about to get off without a nickname in my 12 year old mind.

The first opportunity I was allowed to choose our eating destination, I jumped on a dive Mexican place that advertised “Fried Ice Cream.” I was ready. It wasn’t particularly great, but that it proved its existence was enough impress. To this day, I cannot think of fried ice cream without thinking back to my strange summer spent with Alex and his mom’s one-eyed suitor.