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A Burst of Magic

28 Sep

Tanizaki’s Gourmet Club transform an ordinary Chinese dish into something different, something magical. The story’s main character Count G goes through great measures to observe a rather unauthentic Chinese feast when he is rejected by the president of the club to dine with them. Finally he presents this altered Chinese cuisine to his fellow Gourmet Club members whom had grown tired of Japanese food. Count G demonstrates this magical food as food that could generate imaginations, heighten senses and drive the person looking and eating the food into a whole new level of eating.

I have experienced something as magical at member A did when he had a woman’s hand in his mouth but definitely not as odd. As a special treat, my family and I had dinner at The Bazzar. We ordered caprese which as most of you know, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. However, what came was these little white and red balls with something that resembles tiny cheez-its. Our server quickly told us not to use our forks to puncture those red and white balls. I picked up my spoon and scooped one red and one white ball and a tiny cheez-it. When I put all these items into my mouth and bit into them, all these items burst and became a mixture of the taste of a normal caprese. Turns out the tiny red balls were extremely juicy tomatoes and the white balls were liquid mozzarella. Who would have thought that mozzarella could come in liquid form. So instead of the usual chewiness of mozzarella, I get a burst of mixture of juices that is so refreshing that I could feel it enveloping my entire body. My senses were so heightened at this unexpected taste and texture.

I will always remember this meal as it was nothing that I expected. It was magical and creative and nothing like I have ever had before.