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Explosion of Cherry Goodness

9 Nov

My most memory provoking food, sadly enough, is a type of candy. We’ve all had them before, and the majority of us love them. They are the little treats known as Jolly Ranchers. Every single day when my dad used to drive me to my elementary school, we used to stop at the Rosedale Diner, which wasn’t so much of a diner as it was a candy warehouse. There, we would usually hardly look around. Perhaps we’d also snag a bag of hot New York deli chips, but our primary objective was always known. My dad and I were both huge fans of the cherry flavored Jolly Ranchers, and this store seemed to carry a pack of ten jolly ranchers that were ALL cherry.

My dad, being the crazy guy that he is, bought five packs for each of us. He always reminded me that I could share mine with everyone in school, but it didn’t happen as often as it should have. I mean, these things tasted amazing! As we would go back to his car to head over to my school, we would both pop three or four of them in our mouths as we shared a moment of silence to enjoy the explosion of flavor. I miss those times. Every time whenever I see Jolly Ranchers now, though, I have the ability to just cave back in to my memories and enjoy myself, focusing on what used to be. I miss those times.