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Song list for Momotarō jazz opera

15 Jun

opening credit

:00      ojīsan goes out walking: Charlie Parker, “Now’s the Time”

:24      obasan washes clothes in river: Kenny Dorham, “Lotus Blossom”


:48      look, a peach approaches: Miles Davis, “Milestones”

1:40    ojī and obā break open peach: Thelonius Monk, “Misterioso”

1:48    Momotarō bursts out: Monk, “Blue Monk”


2:02    ojī marvels: Horace Silver, “Sister Sadie”


…some years later

2:20    Momotarō makes his plea to voyage: Bill Evans, “Waltz for Debby”       (

3:38    Art Blakey, from the soundtack to Dangerous Liaisons (1958)

4:27    Momotarō sets out: Art Blakey, “Blues March”

4:57    sendoff for Momotarō: Sonny Rollins, “Doxy”

5:11    on the road, 3 animals: “Five Spots After Dark,” feat. Benny Golson (

5:50    animal alliance: Bud Powell Trio, “Cleopatra’s Dream” (

6:27    Momotarō subdues the animals: Herbie Mann, “Comin’ Home Baby” (

7:00    ahoy, M hits the high seas: Herbie Hancock, “Maiden Voyage” (

7:32    devils on Onigashima: Charlie Parker, “Donna Lee”–Saitō Haruhiko sings here

8:15 more devils assemble: Clifford Brown, “Cherokee” (

8:43    pacification: Charles Mingus, “Fables of Faubus”


9:02    victory!: Miles Davis,  “Round Midnight”


9:13    celebration!: John Coltrane, “Moment’s Notice”


9:47    ensemble: Sonny Rollins, “St Thomas” (

Spirited Away reading / DVDs

20 May

is available as an e-book, from the library. It’s Ch 12 in Japanese Visual Culture.

And the DVDs–oy! I was so caught up in gardening that I forgot to hand them out. There are now 3 of them stashed in Taper Hall, next to this blue-ish (but less blurry) piece of furniture, between it and the wall. They should play on Quick Time (or its .avi-playing equivalent). The entrance you seek is on the first floor of THH, by the Comp Lit dept.

Between the wall and the blue pleather part--a treasure hunt...

Spirited Away clip/trailer

27 Sep

You can see a trailer of Spirited Away on YouTube, either dubbed into English, or in Japanese, as I pasted below with subs.

It uses “magic” to critique the present, and offer alternatives, in ways that echo with the Tanizaki, Miyazawa and Kajii short stories.If you have the whole DVD, or access to it, you can watch the first 13:00 or so, as we will tomorrow. Unfortunately, Studio Ghibli has pulled all the nice long clips off the web, so you have to acquire it privately to watch.