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Garden Update November 8th

9 Nov

So i must apologize in advance because my camera on my phone suddenly wanted to stop working on me today so I have no photos to share (curse these Verizon phones). Anyways, everything looked great today. I didn’t know it rained in the morning, but when i arrived to the garden it was apparent in how moist the soil still was. Thus I watered accordingly. The mustard greens were leafy, the radishes were looking chunky, and the daikon looked like it was exploding from the ground. However despite all the good, I believe it is the pumpkins time to go. It has wildly taken over the entire plot and has started to stunt the growth of many of the the produce. The tomatoes also seem to be growing wildly, yet they haven’t been producing much and i think their space could be better used. Also another sad thing is that the leafs on all the plants seen to be the favorite food of many of the insects. Some of them were completely destroyed but i couldn’t find any bugs on the underside of the leafs. I don’t know what we can do but we have to somehow find a way to protect out plants from being eaten by our not so friendly inhabitants. Overall the garden was looking great and looked ready to be harvested again. So whoever wants some fresh greens go to the garden and pick them up before the bugs get to them.


Over Due Garden Pictures from 10/26

3 Nov

I thought i posted these a while back, but i guess there was a error in posting. But anyways, here they are.


that is only about 20% of the photos i have but i don’t think anyone would want to look through like 40 photos.

i hope you enjoyed them.

Garden Update 11/02

2 Nov

The garden is looking green and healthy as usual! A lot of our plants are ready for harvesting, especially the radishes, which are popping above the soil. Unfortunately, our plants are still being munched on by insects. Many leaves have holes in them and one of the radishes has a huge crack in it somehow.

Garden Update 10/31

31 Oct

The garden looks very good. All the plants are relatively green and the soil wasn’t very dry due to the cool weather lately. One thing that caught my attention was some kind of mushroom/fungus that grew alongside some of the mustard greens. The presence of the fungus is probably due to high moisture levels as a result of the rainfall a few days ago. Some leaves have holes in them, so some insects are probably snacking on them. The radishes are looking great and seem ready for harvesting.

Garden on 10/30/2010

30 Oct











The soil was quite wet today due to the precipitation affecting Los Angeles last night and this morning, so I didn’t water it as much as I usually do. The photos reflect the soil condition before I watered so you can see it is quite wet already. Otherwise, the plants are growing fine and many are getting closer to being ready for harvesting.

Garden Update 10.28

28 Oct

It was really hot today. I went to water around 3:00, and the garden seemed to be doing really well. There are a lot of holes in the leaves, but other than that all the plants are great and healthy.


Garden Update – 10/27

27 Oct

It was pretty nice outside today, reaching the low 80s when I watered around 4. The garden looks pretty healthy, and mostly everything seems to be progressing well. There seem to be lots of critters guilty of tearing through our leaves! Also, the hay that we laid out seems to make the garden look nicer, in my opinion.

The damage has been done! Lots of holes in our leaves.

Tons of flies and bugs inside. I thought it was cool.

Here are some awesome looking radishes.

Daikon seem to look extremely healthy!

This little bugger welcomed me to my first watering experience by leaking (read: shooting at full force) water straight into my eyes. Thanks.