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Leftover Shenanigans

7 Sep

So being the end of the school year, finishing up all the leftover food in the fridge was a given. My friends and I had attempted many food experiments throughout the year. We had recently made curry and were honestly getting somewhat wary of the leftovers. However being the end of the year we figured we had to clean out the fridge.

We decided to use some fresh groceries and other leftovers to make a meal. My friend and I decided to use the curry as sauce over noodles and fried rice. We decided to use as much of the leftover food as possible so it would not go bad.

We warmed up the curry while we made up everything else. My friend used her recipe to make fried rice, adding chicken, peas, carrots, celery, and onions. I took out the some fat Chinese noodles and cut them into smaller pieces for our final dish. We added soy sauce to the noodles and cooked them a little bit. The leftover curry had chicken, carrots, and potatos in it and we warmed it all up. After separately making each part of our overall experimental meal, we gathered everyone in the house for the meal. Together we ate the fried rice and noodles with the curry used as a sauce for both the fried rice and noodles.

The ultimate effect was delicious. We all thoroughly enjoyed the food, and since we had accidentally made far too much food for everyone to eat, we now had leftovers to experiment with another day.