8 Jun

Tequila is one beverage that serves a propagandistic function for Mexico.  Tequila’s production is limited to limited areas in Mexico.  Tequila is very famous nationally and internationally.  Also, tequila, with its differnt flavors is one item that carries the Mexican pride.


Tequila is made from the agabe plant and this product is so well renown that even tevenovelas (mexican dramas) have been made with it as an important part of the story.  By the way, most of my knowledge comes from them, but upon research it turns out the information in the novelas was very accutare.

Tequila is still an acquired taste for me (it is very strong) so I can only assume that that is the reason this drink serves as steotypical for Mexican culture, we are good drinkers, apparently. Or perhaps, that if Mexicans can withstand beverages with 40% percent alcohol it means we have strong determination.  I cannot speak from personal experience since it is still kind of new to me (the taste). However, friends and family seem to like it a lot.

I would really like to learn more about it myself but it seems like it will require quite a lot of dedication to get used to it.  However, I have met many people that are familiar with the different tequila’s brand names and where they come from so I think it is very popular.

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