Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream (Nicole)

25 May

Little Green Glob

Where did this little green glob come from?  Certainly not from Japan, I thought.  What was this imposter?

I had had my share of green tea in Japan. Every night I would sit at the dining room table and warm my hands against the ceramic cup.  The hot green-tinged liquid smelled woodsy and comforting.  I had also had my share of mochi.  Those powdered little morsels would slowly melt away between my teeth and tongue as I chewed.

This, however, was neither green tea nor mochi.  It was an amalgamation.  A scientifically synthesized creation spawned of Japanese flavors, American novelty, and ice cream.  The ice cream was essential.  The cold viscous matter burgeoning at its mochi seams created a delectable scene.  As the white powder that had delicately dusted the pinched top of the mound dissolved into the mochi, I gingerly picked it up and bit into it.  My front teeth broke through the sticky mochi barrier and froze as it met the cold ice cream.  The sweet taste of ice cream mingled with the subtle taste of mochi as I chewed and swallowed.  I lapped up the powder that had settled onto my lips and then dived in for another bite.

Mochi and Ice Cream

Chewing and Melting

A fusion of flavors merged with a fusion of textures

I had gobbled it up in under a minute.  I pressed down the ridged paper cup that had housed the mochi ice cream and glanced back at the frozen rows of mochi ice cream behind me.  With only a moment’s hesitation, I pushed my chair back and approached the counter

“I’ll have a strawberry one now.”


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