Behind the Counter

25 May

On Friday afternoon I went to a truck near campus which didn’t really have an obvious name. I’ll call it the dim sum truck. I decided to go with the perspective of the woker in the dim sum food truck. I considered customer service and products when creating the personality of the cashier/server.

Well, it’s just another day in this ho-hum truck. Same old corner of Hoover and Jefferson, next to the that yogurt place. Even though we get a a few people lining up around lunch time, it’s still boring just waiting here and making the same food over and over. After a while, the locals and the USC kids all start to blur together and I can’t distinguish one from another.

And now finally, I get a break, lunch time! But in order to save money, I have to bring a bag lunch from home and pass up on the delicious, but over-priced steamed buns that we sell at the truck. I step outside, to get a bit a fresh air, but what’s the use, I’m at the corner of a busy intersection breathing in who knows how many toxic fumes. A homeless man walks by but I look away quickly. I guess I’m better off than that guy, but still.

Back at work and a girl says hello and asks for a mango pudding. I don’t bother with a greeting and just say “that’ll be four dollars.” I used to ask customers “how are you” when I first started working, but I realize that they rush and say “fine, thanks, I’ll have the—” and I honestly don’t care how they’re doing anyway, so I don’t bother anymore. She waits around, just reading her phone and takes her mango pudding with a quick thank you devoid of real thanks. Whatever, at least she left a quarter in the tip jar. As if a quarter really makes a difference.


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