No Tomatoes (Sara Sameshima)

23 May

Since I don’t have a car, I had to just pray and hope that I would find a food truck either at the Hoover or McClintock intersections. Luckily the No Tomatoes food truck had been conveniently parked on the corner of Jefferson and McClintock for some time and it appeared again this weekend.

I am no stranger to food trucks in both Hawaii and LA but this is the first time I really ever saw the No Tomatoes truck. It serves Indian street food but some entrees feature a western twist, such as the Chapli Burger or Seekh Dog.

There wasn’t a line, in fact I am the only customer. The lady that helps me is cordial and surprisingly chipper considering the fact that no one else was ordering or even remotely around the sidewalk… I wonder how slow business is. I guess it’s summer time so it cannot be helped. I ask her what I should order and she recommends the Chicken Tikki Masala for $7, which is pretty reasonable. Would I like to add 2 samosas and a drink for an extra $2? That sounds tempting, but I opt not to. To pass the time I idly (and awkwardly) stand on the grass next to Cardinal, with the sidewalk separating me from the truck. A boy on his bike breezed by, and two girls dressed in gym attire chatting excitedly pass before I get my food.  I see the man and his dinky ice cream cart down the street. I would call it a pretty slow day. Immediately upon getting my food I am shocked at the small size of my dish. It came in a puny hamburger-sized take out container! I guess what can you expect from a food truck for only $7, right? Regardless, I thank the lady and walk back to Century.

I have written about my food truck experiences before on Yelp. Normally if I were writing a Yelp review I would focus mainly more on the food but because of this assignment I chose to focus on people/ the service I got from the employees. I was going to write more on my observations of the other patrons of the truck, however, since there weren’t any it was basically impossible. I think writing about one near campus during the school year might be more interesting, since some of them are PACKED (Armando’s, I’m talking about you!)

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