Armando’s Truck (Iris)

23 May

  Just got off from Japanese class, I rushed to the intersection of McClintock and Jeffereson to see if there is any food truck around so I can get something for lunch. There was only Armando’s truck so I had no choice but approached to it. An old lady dragging a luggage got there a few seconds earlier than I did. She quickly ordered the Tuna Melt and asked the owner where they are going to be over the summer, and was pretty satisfied hearing from the man in the truck saying they will be at the same spot.

  The Armando offers a wide variety of choices, sandwichs, burgers, burritos  and there is also a special menu dedicated to breakfast. While I was still contemplating of what I should get on the side, a young man wearing an orange t-shirt quickly came over and ordered a turkey burger. He seemed to be pretty close with the owner, they exchanged a few words and he stepped aside to let the owner take my order. I ordered the Tuna Melt and asked if I can pay by debit card, the man answered yes with a friendly smile and took out his iphone for me to sign. “That is some pretty cool Iphone App..” I said to myself and noticed that there are two ladies working on the food on the left side of the truck.

  As I turned away to wait for my food, the owner told the ladies making food my order in Spanish. I started to observe the people waiting as I was bored standing there.  The old lady was waiting by the window and looked a little bit aggitated, and the guy wearing orange shirt yawned quite a few times during his wait. The food was prepared in a little bit and they took their food and walked away quickly. My sandwich took some time and another black guy wearing glasses came and ordered a burrito. He and the other two customers who just left seemed to be pretty familiar with the Armando’s truck, since they all placed their orders without even looking at the menu. As I just thought of this, “Tuna Melt!” my food was ready and I grabbed it, took a peek at my food wrap
ped in the paper bag and walked away.



I tried to write in time sequence and describe actions of the people around me and how I thought and felt about their actions. I did take some notes while waiting for the food in order to get more details down, and try to re-visualize what I see in the process of writing this blog. 


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