Going to a food truck…

22 May

I certainly did not know that there were food trucks dedicated to juice, so when I found one on line that happened to be near my house I decided to go there.  The name of the truck is Mambo Juice truck.  On an empty parking lot I found the truck along with two other food trucks.  The juice food truck was the third to the right.  There was music playing that I did not recognize but it seemed like rock.  I approached the truck and started looking at the menu. Another person was looking at it too. There were smoothies and juices with different ingredients each.  “Are you waiting for me? Please go ahead” said the man in front of me. “No, I am still looking at the menu, thanks” I replied.  He ordered a Mambo mango.  “Do you want a smoothie?” asked the cashier.  “No, I am in the mood for a juice. What do you recommend?”I asked. “Well, people have been ordering Mambo Mango”; “Then, I’ll have that one.” “ Have you eaten, yet? “The cashier asked me glancing at the other trucks. “Umm, yes.  Are you guys always here?” “No, this is for a fund raiser, so it is only for today. There was even a live band until a while ago;” “Ah, I missed it.” Then, the people preparing the juices called for the number previous to mine, but no one answered.  I turned and saw the guy in a group and called him over.  Soon my own juice was ready.  It was really delicious.  They were already leaving but I still saw many people around the other trucks.

I tried to describe going to a food truck as I experienced it because I like this type of narration.  Also, because it shows what was right in front of me, as any customer would experience it.  I was not taking notes at the time, but I did right after.

Evelyn Espinosa


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