Schedule for rest of semester; paper description

18 Nov


Schedule + prompt

Nov 23            meet in garden

(pop) quiz on garden how-tos—review blog posts

wrap up garden, tend beds

brainstorming on paper—books, resources, groups

Nov 25            no class—Thanksgiving vacation

Nov 30            finish Vibrator

Dec 2              meet in ORL kitchen (same space as where we made soba)

Cook + eat lunch

Revisions due

Dec 7 and 9            NO office hours (I’m in Madison)

Please make appointment via email for paper consults

Dec 14                     Tuesday by 12 noon—paper due in my mailbox. E-copy due by 5pm.

~~~~~Final paper

Write a paper of 7-10 pages (@250-300 w/p=1750-3000w) in which you draw up a plan for the garden for one season (one round of harvesting). Using both practical how-to knowledge you have gained throughout the semester, and drawing on critiques of food we have read, explain the process and the concepts that guide you.

Start your paper with ONE image, and an interpretation of that image. You may use any further images you like from the ‘net or print media. Make sure their relation to your narrative is clear, and that they are captioned.

You have a budget of up to $15,000 (to build things), but you need not use all or even any of it.

Some issues to address:

–do you want to spend most of your time philosophizing (a la Fukuoka)? Or most of your time telling “how-to” and designing a space? Be clear about your expectations so your reader can follow your ideas.

–are there things to take from the current garden?

–what will you plant? What are the reasons you selected these things (ease of growing, deliciousness, demand in community, etc.)?

–how do you define community in the community garden? What needs do you want to serve?

–how will it be maintained?


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