The Most Memorable Dish of All

9 Nov

Before college, when my friends and I went our separate ways, our families used to have parties all the time in the cold season:  Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, the Chinese New Year, and every other weekend in between.  As our parents are first-generation Asian Americans, we rarely had turkey on Thanksgiving and ate distinctly Asian food for the winter American holidays.  My friends and I, being mischievous high school students, often joked about the food albeit our love of it.  Many of the dishes were memorable because our parents asked us to help prepare them before taking them to the hosts’ home.  However, my most memorable food was by far the fruit tart pie brought by the family of my best friend, who claimed the recipe to be a great family secret.  It was not because of the taste or the sugar, however, that made this food memorable.  (I think I have a delicate sweet tooth, as I consider many chocolates and smoothies to be too sweet.)  All my friends knew my best friend had a tendency to exaggerate or outright lie, but I was naïve to his boasts a little too often for comfort.  Thus my friend’s “family secret” fruit tart pie became memorable:  it came in a black plastic dish with a clear plastic cover, plastered with a Kroger grocery store sticker with nutrition facts.


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