The Meal that Saved Tiger’s Life

9 Nov

Although I am an old cat with a diminishing memory, I can still remember the day my life turned around for the better. I was a two-month old kitten abandoned at the side of the road. Although I was extremely disturbed that someone would just leave me to die, I focused on finding something to nourish my two pound body. I knew that if I did not eat soon, I would not live to see the morning sun. As I had just begun to lose hope and prepare myself to die, I was suddenly lifted by the neck by a strong black cat. I was frightened, but since I was so weak I could do nothing but let him carry me to the unknown destination.

It turns out the cat belonged to the people who are now my owners, and he dragged me into the house thinking I was a rat he could eat. However, after examining me closely, the youngest human, about eight years old, realized that I was a kitten. She quickly grabbed some canned Friskies and put it in a bowl on the ground for me to eat. Although my standards of good food have definitely changed, that can of Friskies was definitely the most memorable meal that I have ever had in my entire ten years of living. I still remember the way the salmon tasted in my famished mouth–absolutely amazing. The humans were astonished to see me gobble down twice my body weight in nearly an instant.

I was so grateful to these people that I never left them. Every day they are graced by my presence, so I would like to believe. I miss the young human. She used to live at home, but one day she just disappeared, and I only see her about once every three weeks. Oh well…as long as I have my Friskies I’ll survive.

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