My Puppy’s Emergency Food, Garlic Bread

9 Nov

I still remembered vividly that I met my owner at first when I was brought by her uncle. Eight-year-old girl was smiling at me by hugging me. I felt excited to hang out with my kind owner and stay in a comfortable house. She always combed my hair after I was taking a shower, and introduced me to her friends. She brought me to a vet as well when I got a heavy cold. One day, she bought a book named ‘how to feed your puppy’, which is written by Jungwoo Lee. I overheard her mother and her conversation, and found that the author wrote that two-month-old puppy should be fed approximately 1 to 2 1/4 cup. Eventually, she decided to give me 1 cup every meal. However, it was not enough for me! I needed more food! According to my neighborhood poppy named Colly, his owner always gave him 3 cups every meal. He was not even bigger than me and same age like me. I was very upset why my owner and her mother followed silly instructions from a useless book, and started giving me a small amount of food.

Thus, I began planning a risky venture! I found that my owner loved to have garlic bread and her mother usually bought some bread for her every day. One day, my owner’s family was eating outside at night. I thought it was a great chance to me. I jumped a shelf to catch garlic bread packages several times, and finally I attained them. I was hiding my precious garlic bread underneath her bed, and then I pretended nothing happened at that night. Fortunately, my owner passed by not noticing anything, and I could keep my garlic bread. After this happening, whenever my owner gave me a small amount of food, I acted like a happy stupid puppy, and finished assigned meals without any complaints because I had garlic bread.

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