Micky D’s

9 Nov

I looked in wonder at the small, mostly-red box with my 8-year old eyes. What is this? My parents tell me the contents of this box are not only delicious, but also only cost 50 cents. I pick it up and slowly sniff the subtle apple aroma wafting from the holes on the side of the box. This is even better than the dollar menu!

Even as a young elementary school child, I knew something that cost only 50 cents and smelled that good had to be good. My parents didn’t need to tell me twice: cheap + delicious = buy again! And again. And again.

I take the McDonald’s apple pie out of the red box and marvel at how substantial it looks for its price. I am still disbelieving of how good it looks and smells. I know McDonald’s chicken nuggets and fries are good, but…but this! How can this be! I take my very first bite and warm, melt-in-my-mouth apple pie goodness engulfs my taste buds. This is so yummy!

Throughout the coming years and into the present, I always like to get the 2-for-a-dollar apple pies from McDonald’s. Although the size of the apple pies has shrunk noticeably, somehow the price for apple pies has not changed, and somehow, that makes it still a good deal in my eyes 10 years later. Forget Supersize Me, I have apple pie.

Daddy, can we get some more apple pies to take home? I want them for breakfast and snacks tomorrow!


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