Double Down

9 Nov

It starts out as four of the world’s best ingredients: chicken breasts, pepper jack cheese, smoked bacon, and an emulsion of the freshest ketchup, mustard, pickles, mayonnaise and secret ingredients (I think they use the tears of angels). Then, prepared expertly by master chefs, the components are combined into what KFC calls the Double Down sandwich – two fried chicken breasts surrounding melted cheese, crispy bacon, and special sauce.

For one of the major players in fast food, I never expected such innovation. It’s pure genius. I can’t even begin to describe the perfection that is the Double Down; other than comparing it to pure godliness, my best effort would be to rank it as so:

  1. KFC Double Down
  2. Curing Cancer
  3. World Peace

I get it, I get it – at first, it does sound a little disgusting. Critics are appalled by the sheer amount of fat, sodium, and calories in the sandwich. But before you take their side and just write it off, take a moment and just think about what is actually wrong with it? Have you ever tried one? Weren’t you taught, as a child, to be a good person, to never judge a book by its cover?

I think the main reason the Double Down isn’t getting more praise is the lack of bread. It’s called a sandwich, after all. But people are complacent. We have a hard time accepting change. Where is the bread, they ask? Please, people! Are you really complaining about a sandwich that gives you double the meat? And removes the worst part, a dry and bland bun?

Give it a break. Quit being unreasonable, start trying new things, and you’ll learn more about yourself and the world.



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