9 Nov

It’s nice being off the street. These people keep me here and call me MJ. I don’t trust them. However, I do enjoy getting free meals and affection. I won’t give anything up yet though.  Getting walked many times a day is nice, but I do miss being able to run around wherever I want, whenever I like. But I like being off the street and having food regularly. I don’t get it though, these people sometimes leave me all alone for hours, and I sometimes think they aren’t going to come back. They do always come back, but I’ll use my teeth to punish them for leaving me. I understand I am powerless to these bigger animals, and will let them have their fun picking me up and holding my paws, even if I look ridiculous because they are stronger. However since they are so big they tend to be clumsier and slower than me so I can sneak past them and steal their food.

One time one of the people was making chicken curry. It smelled delicious. Tonight the humans were once again practicing their strange ritual of eating on the big long comfy seat while staring at the box with colorful pictures. So once they have been sitting there for a while watching the box I notice that their bowls of food are unguarded. I stealthily sneak in and feast upon their meal. Success! That curry chicken and rice was so good I wolfed it down; barely taking breaks to breath. I knew if they discovered me they would take this treat away.

That meal tasted delicious: like nothing I’ve eaten before. I’m not sure for how long these people will keep me, but I could get used to living here. For now these people will take care of me. That and I can sneak their food now and again, and if this is what their food tastes like it must all taste really good. I cannot see anything they cook being better than that soft moist rice with tender pieces of chicken, covered in a delicious mildly spicy garlic brown sauce. It looks almost like mud but tastes great.

However, they did get mad at me, but its fine; they never stay mad at me anyway. I can just charm them with my cute puppy-dog face. If I just nuzzle up to them and act cute they will forgive me.

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