Camping Food

9 Nov

As a young boy, I vividly remember camping in the wilderness with my parents. Leaving home early in the morning, we would drive for several hours, up a small mountain path and through a dense forest. Finally, we would reach our campground, just a flat piece of land that had been cleared of some brush—some stumps in one corner, a fire pit and picnic table in another.


Upon arriving, the first thing we would do would be to split up tasks. While my dad, my brother, and I would start setting up the tent and an overhang to provide shade and block rain, my mom would take out food and prepare lunch. After about thirty minutes to an hour my we would have our tents pitched and ready to use. At that point, my mom would have finished the food, too.


Now, being in the wilderness, it is only natural that we wouldn’t have much in the sense of fancy food. In fact, what was prepared was usually just some simple bread and spam we bought at a local grocer’s before leaving that day. But after the long drive to the camp ground and setting up the tents, we were all famished. Simple as the fare may have been, we eagerly dug into the food. Back home, we would have disdained a meal like that. But here, out in the wilderness and among nature, it seemed as peaceful and natural a meal as could be.


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