A Brief and Passing Obsession

9 Nov

Look at this mess, I thought, walking into my kitchen. Cluttered with elaborate coffeemakers, espresso brewers, heaps and heaps of coffee bean roasts of different roasts, flavors, smells; what is this weird looking contraption dripping brown liquid from the cooking range; how did this all get here? I walk into the dining room to see my parents happily sipping coffee, no doubt of their own creation, I deduced from the mess of a kitchen; my dad spewing praise of this ‘particular brand of coffee’ and my mom to me, ‘why don’t you try some? It’s specially imported from some place far away,’ well, uh no thank you, I’ll stick to drinking my orange juice.

A few years ago, my parents, who loathe spending money on anything that isn’t a necessity, had a strange and frightening obsession with coffee. They wanted to know everything about it – how to roast it, how to make it, how to steep the best coffee, etc. They insisted each roast of coffee had its own smell, each flavor had its own taste – I’m not really sure if roast and flavor are different from the other, so I won’t pretend I know.  I however, was bewildered and a little alarmed by their obsession. I felt all the coffee generally smelled the same, and the differences in taste and richness were minute. I didn’t really understand my parents’ enthusiasm for coffee, and I was worried they would take it too far. Thankfully, their obsession was brief and passing. To this day the smell of coffee still reminds me of that one morning when I walked into the kitchen I was familiar with and saw a stranger’s kitchen cluttered with strange bags of beans and strange devices.

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