A Beautiful Thing

9 Nov

Exhausted feet wrapped in light-up sneakers run across the hot Santa Ana pavement and into the building where the smell of stale corn dogs lingers in the summer air. Without hesitation, these feet head to the back corner of the convenience store and to the machine of magic delight with the anticipation of a frozen treat. I am eight years old inside a 7-11 about to satiate my intense slurpee craving. A staple of my childhood, the slurpee was my reward for surviving a rigorous and demanding day at El Dorado elementary school.

The slurpee was a relief from the “troubles” of childhood, a cool comfort that soothed any worries and brought me to tranquility. In the store, my only concern was: do I want blueberry, white cherry, and coca-cola or white cherry and coke or JUST white cherry. Should I include mountain dew?

Conveniently located between my school and my house, this particular 7-11 was a regular part of my daily schedule, especially during hot summer days. The slurpee is nostalgia in a cup, a cool reminder of youthful innocence and bliss. This refreshing treat brings me back to my childhood. Of the corn dogs and the heat and the excitement and the cool relief as I jumped back into my mom’s car. Slurpees truly are a beautiful thing. Where is the nearest 7-11…?

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