Giants and Toys contexts–handout for Nov 9

8 Nov

I will pass this out, but here is a copy, for reference. (Some of the graphics have been lost.)

Page numbers refer to Michael Raine’s article.

Giants and Toys contexts Handout for Nov 9

1955    both the US and Soviet Union announce plans to get spacecraft launched @ 1957-8
1957    Sputnik is launched by the Soviet Union
1958    Giants and Toys
1961    Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin
JFK proposes Apollo space program (runs through 1975)
1969    Men on moon


Satō Tadao
the “dean” of postwar film critics. Same era as Donald Richie. A leftist humanist.
Library:     Kenji Mizoguchi and the Art of Japanese Cinema, in Cinema/TV library, PN1998.3.M58S2813 2008
Online:    “An Introduction to Early Japanese Cinema,” in on-line journal Screening the Past:
review of “Masterpieces of Silent Japanese Cinema,” supervised by Satō:

Ozu Yasujirō
postwar (mostly) director beloved by art critics and cinephiles for his “quiet” family dramas. Is seen to break the stranglehold of Hollywood cinematic codes while remaining lyrical and poetic. Early silent films are quite funny.
LibraryGood Morning, EA collection @ Doheny, JDVD 0116
Online: Midnight Eye review of Good Morning:       


Giants and Toys contexts


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