Garden Instructions from 10/26

28 Oct

When we met in the garden today we had a number of things in mind to accomplish. The goals for today were:

– to clean up the debris in the garden

– harvest the vegetables that were ready

– to clear out the pumpkin plant to make room for other plants

What we actually ended up doing in the garden on Tuesday was pretty similar to what we had outlined and we were able to accomplish all the goals. We began by first watering the garden to moisten the dirt and make it easier to harvest and pull weeds. We first learned how to harvest the different types of vegetables; for example, to harvest bok choy, you have to leave the root in the ground and simply take off the leaf and stem. The same procedure is used for the mustard green leaves. The radishes should be harvested if they are red and large, sticking above the ground.

The pumpkin plant was tied to the the fence so that it wouldn’t take up space in the dirt. I went around asking the class how they were deciding whether to harvest their vegetables. Anuja pulled out a radish that looked ripe and when I tasted it, it tasted really good, just like a real radish. The group that just spread seeds throughout their plot in the “guerrilla gardening” had many radishes growing and a lot of them were harvested.

David attempted to harvest the daikon, but when it was pulled out it wasn’t ripe enough, so he decided to put it back in the ground and re harvest it later. People were also weeding their plots to make sure that the weeds don’t steal nutrients from the plants.

Finally, the last step was to lay down the hay to create walkways in the garden. Also, the hay kills weed by stopping the sun from getting to them and smothering them. The goals from today were pretty much met, and hopefully the notes from today will help people in the future when they harvest!

Parallel notes from Saarah:

Today, we accomplished quite a few things with the garden. We began, as usual, by watering the garden, making sure to moisten the dirt (providing an easier setting for harvesting). Then, we pulled out the weeds. Although the straw did help with weed prevention, there were still a lot of weeds throughout the garden that needed to be pulled. We also had to re-tie the tomato plant, making sure it was held straight.

After we took care of preliminary care, we began harvesting. When harvesting, we had to make sure we only harvested plants that were READY. If we harvest a premature plant, or pull it out the wrong way, we could kill it. Thus, we have to be really careful. We were taught a few simple things about harvesting different plants:

1.      Bok choy: you do not harvest the root, only the leaves

2.      Radishes: should be emerging from the soil, round and juicy- color may vary because of the various types of radishes planted

3.      Mustard green: do not harvest the root, only the leaves

4.      Tomatoes: if they look round and the color looks right, harvest them

5.      Pumpkin: must be the right size and color

6.      Daikon: must be ripe enough, pull out from ground carefully

We harvested what we could, and left the rest to grow. Overall, we ended up with a good amount of harvest that some people took home to make dishes out of.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day at the garden 🙂

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