The Mythical Burgers

19 Oct

In the movie Harold and Kumar the White Castle hamburger represents the liberation of both Harold and Kumar from their respective oppressive lives. Kumar’s destiny is set by his father to become a doctor, while Harold works in a boring 9 – 5 job where his co-workers exploit him to do extra work on the weekends. Both being frustrated with their lives, decide one Friday night to go out and get White Castle burgers. As they embark on their night – long adventure in their quest of the burgers the entire time the burger represents their freedom. Both Harold and Kumar must go through a series of challenges as they try and reach their ultimate goal. The entire movie, the White Castle is characterized as being like this mythical place to which they may or may not ever reach. Their journey parallels those of mythical heroes in all cultures, for example Ram in the Ramayana, an Indian legend.

When Harold and Kumar finally reach White Castle in the morning they have both achieved more than they ever have in their lives. They have faced near-death scenarios in reaching their final destinations. The representation of the burger in Harold and Kumar differs from the mythical food in Momotaro’s legend in that; in the Japanese legend the millet dumplings are what enable Momotaro and the animals to conquer the ogres. In the movie, the burger represents the end of the journey, rather than the catalyst to it.


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