The Myth of Moon Cake

19 Oct


    On the Chinese traditional (farmer’s) calendar, August 15 is when people celebrate Mid-Autumn’s festival. The efforts and hard works of farmers are harvested usually around this time. It is a festival that all family member must celebrate together. Therefore, in the evening of festival, people would bring out moon cakes, pomelo, persimmon, and sugar cane. Everyone will sit under the moon light not only to enjoy the happiness of harvest but also compose poetry to embrace the good will.

     There is a myth about why Chinese eat moon cake on the festival. When one of the seven angels returns to heaven from ordinary world, she accidentally left a child with an ordinary person. However, many other children teased and laughed at him because he had no mother. The child cried and another God herd his cry. The God brought flying shoes to the kid and informed the seven angels that they had a kid in the ordinary world. The kid flied up to heaven and met his mother. The seven angels were surprised but happy. They used honey, peanuts, and walnut kernel to make the stuffing; then they make the cake circular just like the moon.

     However, this incident was discovered by the emperor of the Gods. The God emperor punished the seven angels to live on the moon forever and returned the kid back to ordinary world. Later, the kid became a government official. He commanded the citizens to make the cake and put in under the moon to express the long for family reunion. The citizen thought the cake’s shape is similar to the moon, and so the name “Moon cake” was born and passed on from generation to generation.


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