Dazai & reading questions

19 Oct

iconic New Directions cover of The Setting Sun

Please read to 78 for Thursday, and the 4pp essay on decadence, and finish Dazai for Tuesday. As you read, consider:

1) why is the sun “setting”?

2) in his essay on decadence, SAKAGUCHI Ango (referred to as Ango) is disenchanted with the aristocracy, and with samurai. Why? What is becoming decadent, and why is it inevitable?

2) the narrator of The Setting Sun says that Mother is “one of the last of that kind of lady” (7). What kind of lady, and how does food figure in?

3) we move from food to drink–and lots of it–in this book. Some tea, but mostly booze. Is Naoji decadent in Ango’s sense?



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