The First Drunkie

18 Oct

In the story of Momotaro, Momotaro came to Earth inside a giant peach, which was found by a woman. Momotaro met and became friends with three animals who agreed to help him in his quest. On the island, Momotaro beat the demons and they surrendered. Besides his animal friends, during his journey to defeat the ogres, he also acquired strength from the millet dumplings that were prepared for him, which were apparently the “most suitable food for a warrior on a journey”. The idea that the power of the dumplings allowed Momotaro to complete his mission makes it quite a mythical food.

Another food, or drink in this case, that is commonly consumed today also has its mythic origins. Believe it or not, beer is a product most frequently referred to in mythology of Mesopotamia. In this myth, Inana, the Goddess of Love, War, Fertility and Lust, wanted to trick Enki, the God of culture, into giving her certain tablets, called the Mes, which pretty much contained the blueprints of civilization. She knew that if she was able to get a hold of these tablets, that she would have power and knowledge over all aspects of civiliazation. Therefore, to do this, Inana makes Enki drunk with beer in order to steal these heavenly secrets from him. When Enki sobered up, he tried sending sea monsters to retrieve the documents from Inana, but she was able to get away. This myth, which explains both how beer was conceived and the powerful effects of the alcohol in the beer which later affected their society, has been passed on until today.



One Response to “The First Drunkie”

  1. edibleeducation October 18, 2010 at 6:45 pm #

    this is quite interesting…there are lots of liquor myths, actually. don’t forget to document your sources (unless of course the lore was passed down from Mesopotamian relatives…)…

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