College Commons food event (note: RSPV required)

12 Oct
October 19, 2010
The Infrastructural Human: Food Circuits
4 – 6 p.m.
Doheny Memorial Library 240
To secure your spot please RSVP to:

Part I of the Infrastructural Series

As individuals and as collectives, humans are – ever more so – deeply reliant on technological systems, or infrastructures, that serve to feed us, salve our thirst, carry away our waste, keep us warm, illuminate our nights, and connect us with others. The development and extension of these systems, in turn, is fundamental both to individual experience and to the capacity for collective action. Strangely, these complex, extensive and fragile infrastructures of living typically do not enter into discussions among humanists, social scientists and natural scientists about the nature of the human, about our ethics and our politics. This event will seek to address this gap, focusing on how our systems of food circulation shape us as individuals and as members of a collectivity.


  • Elizabeth Dunn, University of Colorado-Boulder, “The Pasteurized State: Raw Milk, Public Health, and the Making of Modern Governance.”
  • Christopher Otter, Ohio State University, “Planet of Cows: Livestock Farming, Meat Production and the Changing Western Diet”


  • Susanna Hecht, University of California, Los Angeles, focuses on political ecology but her results have major implications for climate change adaptation, mitigation and longer term rethinking of longer term resilience strategies.

For extra credit, you can:

1) ask a question during the Q and A.

2) write a 500-word summary of the talk, with your interpretations, observations, analysis, any insights you gained, or ways that the talk(s) helped you get a grip on larger questions, introduce new questions, or otherwise inform you.


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