More garden (-related) tasks

6 Oct

As things move to the “edible” stage, there will be a few more diverse tasks. This reflects on the fact that gardening is a mix of sweat equity, using your head, and thinking over past experiences, its highlights and occasional flops.

Please volunteer by leaving a comment in the “comment” section below.

–AMOUNT of HARVEST: someone (or someones, since this may benefit from more than one head) can figure out and propose to the class a way to keep track of our harvests. We will probably want to know how much we grew over the year. What’s the best way to do this? Count leaves? Abstract from a representative sample of each plant? Weigh with a kitchen scale? What is the best way to figure out our yield?–inquiring minds want to know…

–DOCUMENTATION/photo: someone can take pictures at the October 7 class & post them ((coordinate with the person taking notes);

–DOCUMENTATION/notes: someone can take notes of the October 7 class & post them (coordinate with the person taking pictures);

–CLOSURE/thanks: someone can write a thank-you note to any of the guests (I will provide the card, you collect the signatures). This contributes to a good working relationship with someone whom you may want to keep in touch with. And it is the polite thing to do, being a pretty standard kind of politesse in Japanese interactions 🙂

–TOOLS: someone can take charge of rounding up the tools, making sure they are clean, in order, and put away, when class ends in the garden (this seems to be a bit of a loose end that is left undone as people hurry to leave…)

Let me know if you have other ideas…


One Response to “More garden (-related) tasks”

  1. djh October 6, 2010 at 9:55 pm #

    I will take photos tomorrow.

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