Garden Update for 10/5

5 Oct

The plants have grown significantly since the the last time the class was at the garden. The major difference that was seen was that many of the plants had begun sprouting their true leaves. The the location of the plants has had a significant effect on plant growth; the daikon in the center of the plot are more mature than the daikon towards the edge of the plot. This is because the daikon towards the center of the plot receive more sunlight and are more spread out than the other daikon. We worked on the transplanting the center daikon so they had more room to grow and thinned out the rest of the plot for the same reason. Though the daikon seem to be flourishing, the mustard plant has not shown as much growth, possibly because they are very hindered and have no space to grow–thinning out must be done as soon as possible. Weeding was also done, especially to the tomato plant, to make more room for the plants and to allow the plants to receive the sunlight rather than the weeds. Some of the pumpkin plant was also removed because no pumpkins have been growing on it. The garden seems to be growing as of right now and there are a bunch of insects that like to live in it too! We found earthworms, a caterpillar, wasps, and a black widow. It’ll be interesting to see how the rapid and extreme change in weather has an impact on the garden.


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