Normal but Supernatural

28 Sep

Something that is magical is something that cannot be described with realistic logic. It is something that is supernatural, or can’t be described by normal human beings. In Tanazaki’s “Gourmet Club”, Tanazaki gives magic a whole different meaning. As we are introduced to the character Count G, discovers a Chinese “gourmet club” which was something he had never tasted before. Count G’s takes on food magic is the flavors of food that take over ones body as a whole.

My experience I believe is something truly magical no matter how many times that it occurs. I salivate just sitting here thinking about it. The sound of fries sizzling in the fryer and the sound of burgers on the grill. The smell of onions crackling on the grill. The red and white stripes and the view of palm trees. I walk up to the cashier  and order my Number 2 animal style with animal style fries and a Neapolitan shake.  Of course I am talking about the great burger joint, In-N-Out. I sit and wait for my number to be called and when it is I go into straight ecstasy. The touch of the warm bun on my hand. The crisp taste of lettuce and tomato. The sweet but salty taste of the grilled unions. The succulent delicacy of the secret sauce. It sets me in a world wind of magic. The taste of cheese and sauce on the fries. And the magical combination of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. It is always truly magical.

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