Magical Feast Among Friends

28 Sep

Tanizaki talks in depth about food and the magic of its creation and general limitless possibilities. Count G and his Gourmet Club give a new meaning to the term foodie, devoting their life to the pursuit of pleasure via food. Count G’s discovery revolutionizes his perception of food, opening a door to creativity. Fancying himself a food expert, Count G is amazed by the Chinese feast that is composed of non-traditional ingredients and cooking methods. Part of the magic of this food is the secrecy of it. True to Tanizaki’s story, even today, Chinese food found outside China differs greatly from the genuine thing.

To celebrate the end of the year, a bunch of my friends gathered at a friend’s house for a dumpling feast. However, this was different from what I would have expected; we got to make all of our own dumplings putting the filling in. When we arrived all of the ingredients for the filling had been already mixed, so their composition was a relative mystery to me other than that one was vegetarian.  We made the dumplings and feasted together. While these dumplings weren’t particularly exotic they were new, because I had never had dumplings like this, and the hands on aspect of their creation only added to the atmosphere. And like in Tanizaki’s story, the importance of a positive atmosphere of a large feast among friends makes the meal that much better.

Finally for dessert we had the truly magical food of peanut butter filled dumplings. I had been completely unaware that you could even do such a thing! Warm gooey peanut butter in a sticky dumpling was a new sensation of sumptuous flavor. Like in Tanizaki’s story, we had used, in my opinion, unconventional ingredients and created an amazing flavor, texture etc. The atmosphere of the gathering, and the sensational authentic Chinese food created a magical feast among friends.

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