Experience “the” Chinese food

28 Sep


    What exactly does Chinese food has that makes it one of the most delicate and enjoyable food in the world? Aside from the exquisiteness of Japanese food and the classics of European food, Chinese food has a long history of development; but how exactly does “traditional” Chinese food surprise the eaters?

    Due to its long lasting refinement of food, China has finally established its reputation in food. Every single piece of rice and every piece of chicken have its unique method that makes them perfect. In fact, each dish in the regular Chinese restaurant should take at least one hour to prepare and actually be ready to serve. When you bite the Chinese food, you can definitely feel the effort of chef. Moreover, certain dishes such as roasted Beijing duck takes even up to four hours to cook and half an hour to serve. The delicacy and long history of refinement are what make Chinese food “magical.”

    One of my favorite foods in Taiwan, where I grew up, is the Formosa Beard Chang. It is one famous restaurant in Taiwan that mix well cooked hashed meats and rice. The hashed meat is typically stewed about five to six hours for it to serve. When I had it the first time, I was deeply in love with the smell and the taste. The smell just simply burst out in my mouth and it stays even after I finished. Moreover, I didn’t even have to chew the rice to swallow. The well mixed dish is done so soft that I can simply relax and enjoy the delicacy. Unfortunately, when I arrived at LA, there are no “real” Chinese foods that I once enjoyed.

   – Patrick Lee

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