Sushi Magic

27 Sep

In “The Gourmet Club” Tanazaki describes a magical food as something you have to taste with your tongue, your eyes, your nose, your ears, and your skin.  In other words, a food can only be considered magical if you taste it through all your senses.
One meal that I would consider magical was my family’s “make your own sushi” dinner. After going to the market to buy everyone’s favorite toppings and cooking a pot of rice, we were all set to begin our sushi creations.  To authenticate the atmosphere, I even wore a happi coat and a hachimaki (Japanese headband).  I, being the salmon lover of the family, was in charge of slicing a salmon fillet into nigiri-sized pieces.  I felt quite powerful as the slick blade of my sushi knife flowed effortlessly through the slimy orange meat.  Quickly, the smells of raw fish, eel, crab, avocado, and nori filled the air.  As this smell grew stronger, I became hungrier and so I began to cut faster.  When I was done, I went to assist my sister with the ahi (apparently she wasn’t affected by the smell of fresh sushi as much as I was).  Finally, after what seemed like hours, our masterpiece creation was laid out and I could tell by the look in everyone’s’ eyes that we were ready to feast.

Our menu:
Salmon nigiri
Ahi nigiri
Unagi nigiri
Garlic salmon roll
Spicy ahi roll
California roll
Unagi avocado roll

With each bite, I ascended further and further into food heaven.  The fact that my hands had prepared this food made eating the sushi that much more enjoyable.  That dinner was one of the largest (in terms of food consumption) and most satisfying meals I’ve ever had.  I can’t wait to do it again.

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