Short reminder on blog #3

27 Sep

As per request–a short statement. I think you have got the hang of it, by now. Basically, define what magic is, in one of the texts, and describe a similar encounter in your life, or meditate on the idea overall. You may find yourself meditating on this one, as it is a bit harder to latch onto a clear “message” than some earlier readings. The building blocks so far…

1)  general flow (as you did with your vernacular creativity story)

2) connect to a principle or paraphrase you find in the text you are analysing (as you did with the “foodie” essays)

now in this one, remember…

3) the experience of “magical” food for Tanizaki is not just found in any-old food. It is a Chinese menu.
So far, no one has referred to the fact that T’s story is about CHINA, and exoticism, not just about personal ecstasy–which is certainly PART of it.

You might think about how the foodie dimension also has a critique, or makes you think–even if it is uncomfortable–about how something like food can acquire qualities of mystery, exoticism, a national aesthetic, different from one’s own. How it might be getting across a “message” about how that relationship works between adventurer and food, even if it is in the form of a fantasy story…In other words, does pleasure (which Count G craves like crazy) have a politics, a history, a stance? The Jonathan Gold review I handed out the other day (and which is also on line at the LA Weekly) might give you a few ideas.


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