Magical Birthday Dinner

27 Sep

In “The Gourmet Club” Tanizaki illustrates magical food as being something that takes over one’s body. A food or meal that makes you appreciate it with everything inside of you, and with all of your senses. You will taste, smell, feel, see and hear elegance, beauty and perfection.

If there was ever such a meal that I have experienced that I would call “magical”, it would be the exquisite meal that my father prepared on my 17th birthday. It exceeded any and all restaurants that I have been fortunate enough to dine at in New York City, as well as any other home-cooked meal. My father started us off with a lovely french onion soup that he learned how to make during his stay in Belgium. The onions and the cheese worked perfectly in harmony to create a warmth and taste so elegant that you’d never want to stop eating it. The only thing that would make someone want to stop would be seeing the next course. A beautiful filet minion (or several of them, rather) cooked to perfection, where a fork alone would be enough to make it fall apart. But, of course, as we all know, a filet minion without some kind of sauce is only attaining a mere shred of its capacity. He slaved for days reducing a black currant sauce with a wine that brought out its sweetness and gracefulness. The combination of the sauce with the perfectly cooked filet was better than anything I have ever experienced in my life. To finish this amazing experience, he created a salad with all of the colors of the world and the flavors to match. Such a cooling finale was just what was necessary.

If I could eat this meal for every day of my life, I would! It is something that never gets old, something that tastes, looks, feels, and smells so amazing that no human could resist. Out of everything I’ve eaten, this is something I would truly call a “magical” meal.


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