A Truly Magical Experience

27 Sep

According to Tanazaki, magical food is food that is felt by your entire body; it is food that invigorates all the senses.

Thai Kitchen, a small restaurant I have been going to for the past 15 years, serves the most scrumptious Thai food I have ever tasted. The pad kee mow is particularly delectable. It is the perfect combination of opposites—comprising tastes that are both spicy and sweet, ingredients that are both raw and cooked, textures that are both smooth and rough. It is not only tantalizing in the mouth, but you can hear the crunch of the vegetables as you take a bite. The presentation is a myriad of colors and flavors—it’s as if you begin to taste the dish by just looking at it. When you set sight on the noodles and chicken, you see a perfectly golden masterpiece—it is as if you can see the magical ingredients glistening off them. It is a truly magical experience.

It is as if the cook casts a spell on the food before it reaches the customer; the customer leaves, desiring more, already making plans to return.


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